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Driver Earnings

How to get paid

Our drivers are paid on a per-minute and per-kilometre basis along with the base fare. The earnings are calculated and paid out on Wednesday every week. You can see all your earning reports on the Lucky Driver app under the ‘earnings’ option on the left-hand side menu.


We pass on the GST amount levied on ride earnings back to our drivers. Tips and bonuses are paid out without the GST and you take home 100% of these earnings.

All Lucky to Go drivers are self-employed independent contractors. They are responsible for remitting their own taxes and keeping track of their expenses, just like another business owner.

We recommend contacting an accounting professional for more information on your taxes and deductions.

Bonuses and Incentives

Driver Bonuses

Our drivers are offered attractive bonuses on top of their weekly earnings. You may call us at +1-866-445-8259 to find out more about driver bonuses being offered in your city.

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