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How much do Lucky Drivers make?

The earning of the Lucky Driver is based on three factors - Base Rate, Distance Rate and Time Rate. Distance and Time Rate may vary from city to city and time to time.

  • 1. Base Rate: It is a guaranteed fare for picking up the riders as per Cities set by PTB
  • 2. Distance Rate: It is the amount earned per km when the driver starts the ride
  • 3. Time Rate: It is the amount earned per minute when the driver starts the ride

  • How can the driver maximize earning?

    Guide for weekly events

    Depending on the events and nightlife activities, the LTG team will send push notifications.

    Supply-Demand hotspots

    This enables the drivers to place themselves in the right spot and earn more. LTG app is capable of showing geo-sensitive areas with demand and supply statistics.

    Additional Income

    LTG app is capable of sending delivery requests in a non-peak time.

    Leader board competitor

    LTG will run a promotion for drivers who have maximum rides with a five-star rating.

    Driver Referral

    If you wish to learn more about Driver Referral, read about the Lucky Driver app and why LTG is one of the best choices for a driving job.

    Become a Partner

    Got a Class 4 driver’s license? Join our growing team of independent drivers who are dedicated to serving the community. If not, we will help you to get one – Contact Us

    Earn More with less

    We take the lowest commission from our drivers

    Flexible Schedule

    Be your own boss by creating your own schedule

    Extra Income Source

    Delivery and designated driving in non-peak hours

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