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Customer FAQs

01. How do I book for a ride with your app?

After downloading our app from the App Store or Google Play, all you need is your mobile number, e-mail address, billing and payment details to register and get set up. Make sure to enable your location access for the app.

Next, enter where you’re going in the destination box and choose the type of vehicle you’d like. Confirm your booking and track your driver’s arrival.

02. What are the different modes of payment you support?

Currently, we only support credit card payments via our LTG app. We are looking to partner with more payment gateway services for our customers’ convenience.

03. Do I need to register before using the app?

Yes, you do. The LTG app will require your details for it to enable you to make a booking.

04. Do I need a smartphone to book a ride?

No, you don’t. All you need is access to a web browser and you can book a ride on the LTG web panel booking.

05. When am I billed for the ride?

You are billed once the ride is completed i.e. after the driver ends your trip at your pre-entered drop location.

06. What if no driver is available when I try to book a ride?

Driver unavailability is no cause of worry. You can simply try to book the ride again.

07. Will I get a fare estimate before I book the ride?

Yes, you will. The LTG app provides a ride fare estimate before you confirm your ride to make the experience less ambiguous for our rider. The final fare can vary with respect to time, traffic, demand etc.

08. Can I pre-book a ride for sometime in the future?

Yes, our LTG app gives you the option to pre-book a ride.

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