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British Columbia driver regulations

Be sure to follow these rules when giving rides in British Columbia, and keep an eye on your email for important updates from Lucky.

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Hours of Service for TNS

Being a licensed Class 4 commercial driver, you are expected to follow the ‘Hours of Service’ regulations. These directives are pretty straightforward to uphold as a rideshare driver.

The Hours of Service regulations state that a driver can either be On-Duty or Off-Duty. In plain-speak, you can be online for 13 hours in a day before requiring a minimum of 6 consecutive hours of Off-Duty time. For Lucky To Go drivers, the Driver app will keep track of your On-Duty time for you.

Here are some examples of being On-Duty:

  • Enroute or waiting for a pickup
  • Performing pre-trip inspections
  • Fueling or replenishing rider snacks
  • Time spent delivering deliveries
  • Taking your car for a safety inspection

More information about driver hour restrictions is available here. If you have additional questions about driver hours, please contact the National Safety Code office at 250-952-0576.

Daily pre-trip inspection

Ride-Hailing vehicles in British Columbia must conduct a pre-trip inspection before the first trip of each day to ensure that the vehicle is in sound mechanical condition.

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