5 Reasons Why You Should Prefer Lucky To Go for Ride-hailing

Why You Should Prefer LuckyToGo for Ride-hailing

The ride-hailing industry is growing at an unprecedented rate due to the increasing demand for convenient and affordable ride-hailing services around the globe. Even Canada’s westernmost province, British Columbia, isn’t untouched by the trend. With Lucky To Go’s ride-hailing service in Kelowna, the city residents now have an easy and safe way to get home from anywhere in the city.

Lucky To Go is a Victoria-based ride-hailing service company that acquired its licence in April this year and officially began operations on July 1st, 2020, making Kelowna the first city to get this service. Moreover, with this launch, Lucky To Go became the first-ever ride-hailing service to operate in Regional District of Central Okanagan. This service works through a dedicated application-based platform, much in line with other ride-hail services like Uber, Lyft, etc.

You can download and use the Lucky To Go mobile app whenever you need to go from one place to another within the city. The app lets you select the car of your choice (4-seater, 6-seater, etc.). It finds and connects the nearest driver to provide you with a ride in their personal vehicle. Since it’s a shared ride, you pay the most competitive price and enjoy the convenience of your own personal vehicle to ride anywhere. 

Here are the top reasons why you should start using Lucky To Go for Ride-hailing


Booking a ride through a mobile app is the most convenient. You can book a Lucky To Go ride in just a few clicks. With a large number of on-road drivers at any given point in time, you can almost always find a ride when you need it.

Also, it’s super exciting to receive best-in-class service in the driver’s personal vehicle (driven by the owner) while paying a competitive price.

Quick Rides Any Time, Anywhere in the City

One of the things that Lucky To Go is particularly proud of is efficient and fast ride-hailing services everywhere in the city. When you book a Lucky To Go ride, you can be assured of reaching your destination on time. Our competent technological infrastructure and trained drivers will ensure your trips are quick and comfortable.

We will be bringing our services to other cities in British Columbia very soon.


If you are concerned about the safety of taxi companies, you won’t be disappointed with Lucky To Go’s ride-hailing service. We take multiple measures to ensure the safety of our riders. All drivers undertake government-prescribed criminal record checks and thorough vehicle inspections in order to be eligible to drive with us. Additionally, you can also share your trip status with your friends and family that will enable them to track your Lucky To Go ride.

If you face safety issues during a ride, you can use the emergency/SOS option in the Lucky to Go app to immediately notify the police authorities or any other emergency contacts you may have listed. 


One of the best things about Lucky To Go ride-hailing is that it’s affordable. Riding in a shared car is always cost-effective compared to owning and maintaining your own car. Moreover, you get a dedicated driver to take you anywhere you want to go in the convenience of a private vehicle.

Might be your best option…

With Lucky To Go delivering its exclusive ride-hailing service in the Okanagan, it is your best travel option to get an instant and convenient ride. Booking a ride with Lucky To Go is the simplest task. All you need is the Lucky To Go mobile app, and you can get a ride in as soon as a couple of minutes.
To download the app and book a ride, visit https://luckytogocanada.com/