5 Reasons Why Ridesharing Has a Great Future

Why Ridesharing has a Great Future

Ridesharing has emerged as a savour for those who avoid using a personal car or need to rent a taxi whenever they have to go out. Booking a ride with a rideshare mobile app is quick and easy, and it can take you anywhere in the city, saving you both time and money (on the high cost of fuel/maintenance with a personal vehicle).

Started only about a couple of years ago, ridesharing is now global, being used by customers all over the world. In British Columbia (Canada), Lucky Go To ridesharing company has just started offering affordable and quality rides to locals and tourists in the BC region.

Here’s why Ridesharing is the Future of Transportation.

1. Personal Transportation is Costly

Buying a new car will easily put you behind at least a few thousand dollars. That’s before you have to spend dearly on fuel, insurance and maintenance, which can alone cost more than what ridesharing will ever cost you.

On the other hand, renting a car/taxi on demand is a much cheaper option, which according to reports costs even less than what you spend on maintaining a car.

2. Ridesharing is Caring (for the environment)

By sharing or renting a pre-owned car, you are ensuring not to add to the environment’s woes. With every new personal vehicle on the roads, the trouble for the environment gets increased with the increase in fuel consumption and carbon emission.

Ridesharing is a good way to show that you care for the environment. Also, it’s a great way to contribute to low traffic on the roads.

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3. Local Community & Economy Growth

By using a local taxi service instead of using your personal car, you’ll make sure that the drivers in your local area have work. Driving is a very old profession, which you can support by supporting ridesharing.

4. Ease & Convenience

With the integration of technology, giving the users the ability to book a rideshare with just a mobile app, it is now easier than ever to find and book a ride whenever you have to go somewhere. These ridesharing apps let you book a ride from wherever you are. The driver will come to your location to pick you up. You can choose the type of car you want to hire, make payments easily within the Lucky To Go app and enjoy discount codes to further reduce the ride cost.

5. Taxi On-demand

One of the best things about ridesharing services is that they can get you a taxi on-demand, when and where you want it. This is something that people will always find convenient. No one wants to go to a local bus stop or go out looking for a taxi when they need to book one. They simply use the app to call a cab to their location.

Bonus Reason

Ridesharing makes a great source of income for drivers and a great way for riders to save some money on their ride by using discounts. Drivers get the flexibility to choose to work whenever they want or can. They can earn as much as they work, full-time or part-time.