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Why is Ride-hailing Better than Ride-sharing?

Why Ride-hailing is better than Ride-sharing

Ride-hailing and ride-sharing are simply two sides of the same coin. In other words, these are two kinds of services offered by cab booking companies.

Ride-hailing is just the modern term for cab booking, where a person looking for a taxi or cab uses an app on his/her smartphone to find and book a cab from a certain ride-hailing service provider. The thing to note here is that the person is booking a can specifically for himself (personal) and for a specific route (fixed pickup and drop points, etc.).

Ride sharing, on the other hand, involves the sharing of a single cab by multiple persons (generally strangers to each other) going on the same route. The idea is why hire different cabs when you can share a cab with others going on the same route as yours to save a few bucks.

Of course, both ride-hailing and ride-sharing services have their own benefits and disadvantages. For instance, in ride-sharing, you have to share a cab with total strangers, which might not be a suitable thing for your privacy. On the other hand, the cost of hailing a separate cab for just one person is usually higher than sharing a cab with multiple persons.

So, which one is better – ride-hailing or ride-sharing?

If you ask me, I would say it depends on your personal preference. To help you make a decision, here are some basic differences between the two types of cab riding services.

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What is Ride-sharing?

Ride-sharing or ride-pooling is a concept that was inspired by the need for reducing the cost of cab riding by allowing two or more people to share a ride together. Now, the interesting thing is that the people sharing the ride do not necessarily have to know each other. Another side-advantage is that by car sharing or pooling, you help limit pollution that may be caused due to the use of separate cars by individuals.

Here’s how it works.

You book a car via an app of the company that offers ride-sharing services. You select a pick-up point. The cab arrives, picks you up and drops you at a designated point.

Now, the obvious benefit is that the cost is shared by multiple persons taking the same ride. However, there are cons as well. For instance, you cannot book a ride-sharing service for specific pick-up and drop points. You’ll have to choose from the given public points. Second, the ride is shared by total strangers, who can, in rare cases, be harmful or dangerous.

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Ride-hailing & Its Benefits

Ride-hailing is usually superior in terms of user experience, convenience, ride experience, privacy and security. So, if you prefer these things over money, ride-hailing is probably for you.

One of the major benefits is that most ride-hailing companies let you book a ride via your phone, computer or any smart device. For instance, you can book Lucky To Go’s ride-hailing service via the app, with the convenience of choosing your preferred car type, exact pick-up & drop locations, payment method, etc.

Another obvious benefit of ride-hailing is privacy protection and security. When only you and/or your known persons are travelling in a cab, you can be assured of privacy. Moreover, Lucky To Go features like location sharing, real-time tracking, drive profile, etc. make you feel totally safe.

Another thing that people love about ride-hailing is the convenience of booking a cab to pick up from your doorstep and drop at the exact location where you need to go. Also, the driver will not make any unplanned stops if you are the only one riding.

So, does that mean ride-hailing is always better than ride-sharing? Well, I wouldn’t say that. It totally depends on your own preference and choice. But, if you care about ride security and privacy, go for ride-hailing services.

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