Why is Online Food Ordering a Better Option than Eating Out?

Why is Online Food Ordering Better Option than Eating Out

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you’re starving or craving some good food? Most people don’t think twice before ordering food online anytime they are having a craving for tasty food. This is probably the reason why the online food ordering industry is now worth billions of dollars in just a few years.

When we are hungry or looking to eat something good, we have two options: either cook at home or go out to eat.

Now, the first option doesn’t always work, especially when you suck at cooking, like I do. And accept it, getting that amazing taste of restaurant food with home cooking is nearly impossible. That leaves us with the second option.

But what if you’re just not ready to go to a restaurant? Or maybe you want to eat in the comfort of your home, sitting in your pyjamas and watching your favourite soccer game. Sometimes, even the situation may force you to stay at home, no matter how much you want to go out. Like the present situation of the coronavirus pandemic when almost the entire world is under lockdown. What do you do then to satisfy your hunger for delicious food?

Let me tell you. Order food online.

With so many food delivery platforms and apps out there, there’s no lack of options for amazing recipes and restaurants to order from.

Not convinced yet? Here are some other reasons why ordering food online almost always beats the options of eating out.

Access to Unlimited Options

One of the primary reasons why most people order food online is access to a vast variety of food choices from hundreds of restaurants. The range of food options that you can get online can never be found on the menu of any one restaurant. Basically, you can order any or all kinds of food from your favourite restaurants using an Online Food Ordering app like LuckyToGo.


Naturally, convenience is a big reason why people want to order food online. This skips the need of visiting an actual restaurant, going through the menu and then ordering from whatever limited options they have. On the other hand, to order food online with LuckyToGo, all you have to do is open the app, select the food from any restaurant you want, make payment online and place the order. As simple as that.

Fast, Reliable Service

In a bid to provide high-quality services to their customers, food ordering platforms take customer experience very seriously, making sure the food is delivered hot and on-time. They also have a very good support system who will take care of all your queries and ensure a high customer satisfaction rate.

Amazing Offers

Now, let me tell you one reason why everyone should absolutely order food online. It’s the availability of wonderful offers & discounts. When you go out to eat at a restaurant, you have to pay the actual price of each food that you order from the menu. But, not with online ordering. See, in a bid to remain competitive, online food ordering services like LuckyToGo offer attractive discounts and coupons to their customers, which means you get your food at a lower price than actual. This is why ordering food online is less expensive than eating out.

Easy to Track

Food ordering apps on your smartphone will also let you track your order status in real-time. That means you’ll know once the food is cooked and the delivery person is out to deliver it. Cool, right?

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Best Food from Top Restaurants

When you go out to eat, you have limited options. So, what if you don’t like the food? You’ll still have to pay. But, with online ordering, you have nearly unlimited options. You can filter out restaurants based on ratings & reviews and order only the best food from top restaurants. On a budget? You can filter by price, too.

Easy Payments

Another reason why you should order food online from the LuckyToGo app is that the payments are easy and fast within the app. This saves you the headache of managing and paying in cash.

To sum up, online food ordering has many obvious benefits over eating out. You can place your order instantly and get it delivered within minutes. Some apps even let you repeat your previous food orders. They send you offer notifications so you can use them in real-time. So, the next time you’re thinking of going out to eat, be sure to try the LuckyToGo app first.