What is Rideshare? How Ride-sharing Works [Detailed Analysis]

What is Rideshare? How Ride-Sharing Works

Ride-sharing or ride-hailing has lately emerged as a more convenient and affordable alternative to taxi riding, as most of the rideshare companies allow their customers to book a ride via a dedicated mobile app.

If you are new to the rideshare industry, here’s all you need to know about what is rideshare and how ride-sharing works.

What is Rideshare?

As the name suggests, ridesharing refers to the act of sharing a ride with another passenger, preferably the one going in the same direction as you. The idea is to split the fare between the passengers to make the overall ride affordable.

Traditionally, rideshare was a term used by car drivers or owners who used to give a paid lift to someone heading in the same direction in a bid to subsidize the cost trip.

But, today, thanks to ridesharing companies such as Uber and Lyft, rideshare is treated as a separate service, where a driver offers transportation service to multiple riders at the same time. There is usually a middleman that offers an app for riders and drivers to find and connect with each other in order to avail these ride-hail services.

How is ridesharing different from ride-hailing?

Ride-hailing is a term that is commonly associated with and also sometimes interchangeably used for ride-sharing.

In general, ride-hailing refers to the act of hailing or calling out a taxi. But, most of the modern ridesharing companies avoid using the term ride-hail, as it may be assumed for a taxi company.

However, there are certain companies that focus primarily on ride-hailing services. For instance, you can use the Lucky To Go app for “hailing” a ride/driver to travel anywhere within the city.

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How Lucky To Go Ride-sharing/Ride-hailing Service Works

Most of today’s rideshare services have their dedicated mobile apps, which riders can use to find and connect with drivers in a particular area.

The Lucky To Go mobile app allows you to search for a ride from wherever you’re in the city and book the ride in just a few seconds using your smartphone. Here’s how ride-sharing works:

Request a ride

Download and open the Lucky To Go app. Now, enter your pick-up and drop-off location to search for an available driver.

The driver will get a request notification on his/her app and can accept or decline the request depending on his availability.

Have a safe ride

When booking a car with Lucky To Go, you also get the estimated price and arrival time details, as we believe in complete transparency.

Upon a successful ride request, the driver will arrive at your location to pick you up. Now, just relax and enjoy your ride. You can also track the ride location in your app.

Arrival and payment

Once you reach the destination, the trip will automatically end. You can choose to pay online via available options including credit and debit card

There is also a rating option in the customer app that you can use to rate/review your ride and driver. The same option is available in the driver app to rate a rider.

This is how a standard ride-hail service like Lucky To Go operates.

As for ride-sharing or ride pooling, it works more or less like ride-hailing, except for the fact that a single car can be shared by more than one passenger at a time. The ride-sharing app can connect multiple riders with the same driver, given that they are all going on the same route. The aim is to offer more economical service to the riders.

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