Tricks to Keep Your Restaurant Profitable through Covid-19

Tricks to Keep Restaurant-Business Profitable-Amid Covid-19

With the coronavirus affecting the entire world and shutting down local businesses worldwide, it may be difficult for small-time businesses to survive, let alone grow in the post-Covid-19 world. The food and restaurant industry is among the worst-hit because of this pandemic. The governments across almost all the countries have announced complete lockdown in a bid to keep their citizens safe against coronavirus, which is greatly affecting local businesses in these regions. We’re going to share some tips to help you keep your restaurant profitable through Covid-19.

If you are a restaurant or food service provider and are experiencing a drop in your sales/profits due to the corona pandemic, maybe it’s time to adapt yourself and your business with the market demand.

Wondering how?

Well, given the complete, worldwide lockdown, it’s not possible for restaurants to keep running in their normal way. How can you expect to serve when customers are not allowed to visit the restaurant? So, what can you do?

Let’s find out the tricks to keep restaurant businesses profitable amid Covid-19.

Start Delivering

Remember, just because people aren’t coming to your restaurant doesn’t mean that they have stopped eating. They still need food, so what you can do now is start delivering food to them.


It’s easy. You don’t even have to make a lot of changes. And, the best part is that you can continue cooking and serving food, same as before.

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How to Prepare Your Restaurant for Delivery

It’s crucial that we all find ways to get beyond these tough times and learn to get back on our feet for when the outbreak is over. It’s better to start preparing now.

Starting to deliver food at doorstep will not just maintain a constant source of income for your restaurant, it will also ensure people don’t forget your business easily. Most of your loyal customers would probably love to order with you with home delivery.

To get started, all you have to do is shift some roles and take better safety precautions. Here’s how to do that.

The people responsible for cooking can continue to do that.

As for the ones who were responsible for order taking, serving and billing (waiters, etc.) can be re-assigned to handle the following tasks:

  • Order management – accepting orders online, finding & assigning delivery people, confirming order delivery, etc.
  • Billing – Some of the workers can be assigned for managing payments, refunds, etc.
  • Customer feedback – Feedback is very important in the online food delivery industry. Make sure to set up a separate team/person for handling customer support, feedback, etc.

Delivering the Food

Besides the regular tasks, the most important one is, of course, food delivery. You have two options here – either set up an in-house team of delivery people, or partner with a professional delivery service.

The first option is certainly not recommended, as you’ll need a team of at least 20-30 delivery persons and will have to pay them on a full-time basis, even if you’re just starting out as a food delivery business. Also, you’ll have to set up a separate team to manage your delivery team. It’s going to be a very costly, time-consuming and hectic job.

The alternative is to get into a partnership with an already established food delivery service like LuckyToGo.

Here’s how you can benefit from a restaurant partnership with LuckyToGo.

  • A professional team of drivers
  • Food delivery within minutes
  • Fast & reliable service
  • Complete customer management, from ordering to delivery
  • Reach beyond your service area and get new customers
  • Huge profits, independent of any recession
  • Great customer service and feedback

And the best benefit of all is that your restaurant business doesn’t just remain operational but becomes highly competitive and famous among the customers.

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