The Rides You Absolutely Need to Pre-Book

Pre-booking rides prevent traffic-related mishaps, last-minute changes, and scheduling conflicts. It’s like insurance. And you need this insurance in the following circumstances:


Few things can be worse than missing a flight—but it’s even worse if it’s because you got stuck on the way, or couldn’t find a ride. You’re probably not going to get a refund—and if you do, you’ll have to do a lot of running about!

4. Handle Your Luggage

Luckily, you can avoid this disaster scenario by simply not missing your flight. And this you can do by pre-booking your ride to the airport.


Missing flights is bad, and so is missing meetings. But missing a flight that would have led you to a meeting is just the worst. If you fail to show up for a meeting on time—or if you fail to show up at all—you’re risking your reputation and possible contracts with clients. You’re setting a bad precedent, and that is going to cost you dearly in the long run.

While it might not earn you more than rebuke from a senior colleague, it’s always best to cover all your bases and pre-book rides for any meetings that you need to attend.


Certain events will only accommodate you if you get there early: first come, first served. At other times, you might not get a good front row seat if you’re late to an event. While you will eventually make it there by booking your rides at the last minute, it will serve you best to book in advance.

Why Book in Advance at All?

It’s more than a matter of overthinking and over-worrying. It’s a matter of being vigilant and cognizant of everything that could possibly go wrong on the way. The traffic in Vancouver is the worst in Canada.  Additionally, if your internet connection decides to bail out on you, you’re all on your own.

Pre-Book Your Important Rides Now

Ready to put all that you have learned so far into effect? Pre-book your ride to anywhere in Vancouver today—including the airport. Use Lucky To Go to select your vehicle of choice; we’ll make sure you get to your venue on time.