Shuttle from Downtown to Victoria International Airport

For schedule and Reservations Visit
For schedule and Reservations Visit

Easy Ride Shuttles: Features Victoria Airport (YYJ)
Here are a few unique, irresistible features on offer by Easy Ride Shuttle, that will make your choice of busses your next trip to the Airport.
Ease: Freedom from hassles at all stages of your trip is what Easy Ride Shuttles promises: be it booking, payment, boarding, on-bus experience, and deboarding. We at Easy Ride Shuttles have dedicated teams to ensure every phase of your shuttle trip is smooth, easy on your pocket, and your trip is on time, every time. Huge Luggage, Large Groups? No worry.
Just board our roomy, designed-for-comfort shuttles, sit back, and enjoy a worry-free trip to the Airport, Ferry Terminal, or back home.
Cost: A regular return taxi trip from Downtown to the Victoria International Airport and back, could set you back by $70. If you’re a frequent flier, do the math– ten such trips to the airport will easily be upwards of $1000. Easy Ride Shuttles’ pocket-friendly fare is set at $31.00, attractively affordable in comparison to regular taxi services. This price advantage works even better if you’ve a large family or traveling as a part of a bigger group. For more detailed Airport and Ferry Terminal shuttle fare details, click here…
Focus: We at Easy Ride Shuttles have an organizational focus to enhance the mobility experience for Victoria area residents and visitors. With a huge network of polite, background-checked drivers, trained staff, community-centric services, and local-economy-boosting plans, we ensure our local-area knowledge, transport expertise, and passenger shuttle service enjoys a distinct edge above all others in the entire Victoria area.

So, if you’re looking at Airport shuttles or in Victoria, Easy Ride Shuttles is bound to be your best choice.
Tech Advantage: Travelers today are worried about deceitful trip-booking Websites, commission-thieving travel apps, and the cumbersome task of navigating through a maze of multiple pages and forms. Bid adieu to all these hassles. Our robust technology brings to you a user-friendly booking system, route-map-equipped guide pages, and transparent trip fee,
ensuring easy reservations and confirmations with all your Ferry Terminal and Airport shuttle trips in Victoria.
Frequency: Do you ever worry about missing the bus? Say goodbye to delay-linked fears and all missed-bus worries in Victoria, as Easy Ride Shuttle has now deployed a frequent, on-time shuttle service to the Victoria International Airport (YYJ) . At a regular interval of 40 minutes between 8:00 am and 9:00 pm, there is a new shuttle bus that departs to the YYJ Airport through the following 2 different routes offered by Easy Ride Shuttle Services:
(1) Downtown Line

Scheduled :

Shared ride Service

  •  Shuttle Bus Service (Predefined pickup point and schedule) 
  •  Pool Ride in 4 Seater & 6 Seater vehicles (Predefined schedule) 

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