Ride hailing is here in B.C.! Safety tips you need to know while booking a ride

Ride hailing has become an important part of urban culture and is fast spreading all over the world. With its latest entry into British Columbia, people are ready to embrace it into their daily lives. With every new service, there are its own regulations that comes with it and rider safety is an important aspect for rideshare services worldwide.

Safety Tips for Riders

As a customer using any of the ride hailing apps out there, there are some important safety tips for riders that you should keep in mind. Ride hailing has been an important aspect among people where in it has become part of their regular lives daily. Especially, when people are new to a city, they are found to dependant on ride sharing more than public transit. They depend on the knowledge of drivers to pick and drop you safely and more importantly at the right destination. So, it’s always best to hail a ride near an identifiable and more prominent location. This helps the driver to locate you easily and you wouldn’t have to wander about trying to find the driver. This saves time, effort and is also cost effective.

Safety First

Once you have booked your ride from the app, always check and verify that the driver and the vehicle details match to that of the driver information received in the app while booking. This ensures your safety and is one of the primary steps that need to be followed before entering the vehicle and one that is often not taken seriously by most customers out there. People often in a hurry tend to not care about such things and just jump in the vehicle. Your safety always starts with you being in the right vehicle. If you happen to be in the wrong car and things go wrong, it would be difficult to track you down. OTPs provided is a safety feature that makes sure the customer is matched to the right driver. Although OTPs makes sure you are in the right car, it is always best to cross verify with the vehicle information that is given to you.

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Safety first

It’s always best to be aware of your surroundings and if you think you are being taken through a different route, its best to switch on your GPS and ensure the driver isn’t making a mistake. If you feel unsafe on a ride, you can always share your ride details to your loved ones to make sure they know where you are. Most of the ride hailing apps in the country currently have this option and even if they don’t, you can always share your GPS location through any of the messaging apps that lets them see your every move. Rider safety comes first and the number one rule should always be is to follow the laws of the land. Once you enter the vehicle, make sure you follow the rules and regulation of the traffic and make sure you wear your seatbelt. It is also advised to not share any personal details about yourself to the driver. This helps you protect yourself from identity theft or any other data crime.

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Go Digital

According to the new rules put forth by the Transportation Network Service, it is mandatory to pay using only by credit card and not by cash. Having a digital wallet within the ride hailing apps that have that service is also a good option as this helps you to redeem a ride when you are out of cash. This will be also useful when you are in a hurry, as paying through online gateways lets you move on to your destination much faster. Also, its safe not to walk in the streets with a lot of cash in hand, especially during night time. So, it’s safe to say, it’s always best to go digital.

Go Digital