Top Safety Tips for Ride-hailing Drivers

Safety Tips for Riders

Ride- hailing is becoming one of the most sought-after mode of transport. Recent studies have found that ride hailing is an integral part of cities as they contribute to bringing down traffic with more people sharing rides. With the flexibility and freedom to decide your working hours and one that allows you to spend quality time with your family and friends, ride hailing drivers are one of the most time flexible professions out there. With its popularity around the country and with preparations underway for its entry into British Columbia, there are certain safety tips for drivers that need to know in order to protect themselves and to make their jobs a lot safer. We bring you a few tips that gives you the freedom to enjoy driving around a lot more safely.

Safety Begins within your Vehicle

The first basic rule while handling a vehicle is to always follow the rules of the road and that begins with wearing your seatbelt. Safety begins within the vehicle before driving on the roads. Make sure to follow the traffic rules of both the city and the highway of the area you choose to drive and make sure to learn more about the city you are about to drive. This can help you save a lot of time navigating during pick up and drop off.

Rely on the Functions of the App

Most of the ride-hailing apps have functionalities that can help the driver in times of trouble. Customer service is always prompt when it comes to ride hailing and they always respond to you in a timely manner when you need them the most. The ride-hailing apps also have the user rating and reporting service which allows you to report the passenger in case their behaviour is inappropriate. The user rating system on the other hand allows you to decide which customers are safe to pick up based on the rating they have received. It also helps other drivers to decide during pickup based on the rating you have given.

Functions of the Rideshare App

Never use your personal communication devices such as cell phones, GPS devices, tablets or any other devices while driving. Always keep your phone at eye level when using the device for navigation.

Safety Comes First

Pay extra attention to view passenger information and the areas from where you pick them up. Its always safe to wait in a well-lit place and to avoid picking up or dropping at a neighbourhood that has a bad reputation.

Never bend rules or traffic laws if passengers ask you to do so. If it becomes too overwhelming and you feel too pressured, you can always end the ride and ask them to leave.

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Take Good Care of your Car

Before starting your day and after the end of the ride, make sure to check your car carefully for any issues. Consult with experts and take care of it even if it’s a small issue. Before that, you should make sure that you have the proper insurance to get yourself covered. You could also consult with your ride sharing company to know if they would help you out with insurance.

Health Comes Before Wealth

Schedule breaks especially when you are working busy hours. Keep snacks in your car and make sure to stay hydrated between your rides. It is risky to drive a passenger around when you are tired. Health and sleep should always come first before driving. You can always stop working if you feel too tired to drive. Take proper rest when needed and get plenty of sleep after your job. This will help you to work smartly and maintain your efficiency as a responsible driver.

Technology that Protects You

Technology that protects you

Precaution always works well when it comes to safety. If any bad incidents happen within your vehicle, it is always best to have it on record in case you need to show proof. That’s where having an interior facing camera that captures passengers in the front and back seats is a wise move. The presence of a camera would discourage passengers from misbehaving as well as record any crime that is committed. The camera must be placed in such a way that it follows the traffic and safety regulations of the province and doesn’t cause any obstruction to your driving.

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Join Support Groups

It’s beneficial to join a driver safety network within your city. These can usually be reached through groups that are mostly formed in a city where ride sharing is available. They support drivers with helpful tips and helps you gain the necessary network that could be a good support system.