Ridesharing Etiquettes 101—A Complete Guide

A card machine in a car displaying a seatbelt message

Ridesharing services have gained massive popularity over the last few years. From international brands to small businesses like Lucky To Go, several companies offer impeccable options for easy commute and traveling from one place to another.

However, when it comes to sharing a car with a stranger, you must practice certain rules and etiquette. Ridesharing offers numerous benefits such as cost-efficiency, less wear and tear of the vehicle, and stress-free travel. But to enjoy all these perks, you must ensure appropriate mannerisms to avoid causing distress and to your fellow passenger and the driver.

Here are a few things your ridesharing car driver and co-rider would like for you to know.

1. Be Punctual

It’s considered very inappropriate to book a ridesharing service earlier than you need it. Ridesharing involves several pickups and drop-offs due to multiple passengers traveling at the same time. Therefore, making your driver wait outside is simply inconsiderate.

Ridesharing services are all about maintaining efficiency, and unnecessary waiting time impacts all the passengers sharing the same car. Moreover, don’t cancel the ride once your driver is en route. Try your best to adjust and stick with the ride you booked.

2. Respect is Imperative

Remember when your parents taught you to be respectful and tidied up when traveling in your uncle’s car? The same rule applies to ridesharing.

Always be respectful to your driver and fellow passengers. Avoid creating a mess inside the vehicle as ridesharing services are very particular about providing a hygienic experience to their customers.

3. Follow the Basic Rules

Ridesharing passengers often ignore the basic traffic rules, such as wearing seatbelts. Always abide by all the rules and precautions as you would in your private car. Moreover, avoid sticking your head out of the sunroof for fun. This can cause a great deal of frustration to your driver and fellow riders.

4. Be Discreet

Remember, when ridesharing, you’re not alone. Anything you do in the backseat is visible to your driver. Be mindful of your manners and stay discreet.

Moreover, drinking in the backseat is also a dangerous as well as unpleasant activity. Follow good manners and stay civil when sharing rides to ensure a pleasant and hassle-free experience.

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