Rideshare Safety Tips – How to Have a Great Travel Experience

Rideshare Safety Tips

When travelling to new places, cities or countries, rideshare services can be a great companion for you. With just a few clicks on your mobile, you can book a Lucky To Go rideshare cab from wherever you are in the world. Lucky To Go rideshare company is the most convenient ride-booking option for travellers in Canada.

However, ridesharing can turn into a bad experience if proper precautions are not followed. The danger is even more when you are in a foreign country with no known person/s around. 

Well, here are some rideshare safety tips that will help you stay safe and ensure a positive experience while using rideshare service in a foreign location.

Rideshare Safety Tips for Travelers

Here are the best tips to follow to ensure rideshare safety:

1. Confirm the Driver and Vehicle

The first step to ensure rideshare safety is to confirm your driver and the vehicle before you get in. You can see the driver photo and car details in the app. Make sure it’s the same driver and vehicle.

2. Share With Others

When you are in a new city and do not know many people, it’s often wise to share your ride with one or two people. This way you’ll be sure that the driver follows the rules and cannot do any harm. It may also save you some bucks to share a ride.

3. Protect Your Personal Info

Never share your personal/private details with the driver, no matter how familiar or close you get during the ride. In no case, give them your personal number, address or other contact details.

4. Request a Ride While Inside

This is an important yet often overlooked step. If you are lingering outside for too long while trying to book or waiting for a ride, you might attract unnecessary attention, especially from thieves or burglars.

5. Sit in the Back

When travelling alone, it’s wise to sit in the back, as the driver will get fewer chances to interact with you. Also, it will give you privacy.

6. Read the Driver’s Reviews

When booking a ride, make sure to read the reviews of your driver. If possible, choose drivers with high ratings, positive feedback and good experience. Cancel a ride if the driver’s rating is too poor or low.

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7. Give Rating and Feedback

Always rate your driver and share genuine feedback about your experience after the ride is over. This is important not just for your own safety but also to ensure that good drivers get recognized for their efforts and bad ones are laid off.

8. Pay Online

When booking a ride with Lucky To Go, always opt for online payment. This will ensure you do not have to carry a lot of cash with you when riding.

9. Share Ride Status

Make sure to share your ride status with others, your friends or family, using the option in the Lucky To Go app so that there is always someone who knows about your whereabouts and can help you in the time of need.

10. Be Ready to Call for Help

There is also the option for ‘help’ in the app that you can use in case of an emergency during a ride. You can use this option if you are feeling unsafe or threatened or have a medical emergency.

When travelling to a different city or country, you’re highly likely to use rideshare services. Follow these 10 rideshare safety tips to keep yourself safe all the time.

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