Ride-Share Services on Their Way to Become Essential Services—How Lucky To Go Is Keeping Drivers/Riders Safe During COVID

Ride-sharing service driver.

As COVID-19 continues to tighten its grip on communities all over the world, ride-share is not only a reliable travel option; it’s also the safest.

With Lucky To Go’s enhanced measures to ensure complete protection of its riders and drivers alike, our ride-share services are well on their way to become an essential mode of transportation.

Here’s how we’re keeping you safe during the pandemic:

1. You Get a Mask

Ride-sharing driver putting on his face mask.

All LTG drivers are provided with hand sanitizers, face masks and antiviral disinfectant sprays, enabling them to maintain a safe and hygienic safety standard while driving. This PPE is also meant for our customers who are expected to ask for a mask (if they don’t have one already) once they start their ride.

2. Driver Screening

Pandemic or no pandemic, all our drivers undergo a screening process with our in-built in the Lucky Driver dashboard. This screening, known as a pre-trip inspection report, ensures that the driver has taken all necessary precautions before starting the day.

3. Emergency Assistance

Riders and drivers can get immediate help in urgent circumstances by calling 911 directly from the Lucky To Go app through our SOS feature.

4. 24/7 Customer and Driver Support

As a BC-based ride-share service, Lucky To Go’s trained support team promises 24/7 chat/call support to its customers and drivers. Your safety and satisfaction is our priority.

5. Phone Anonymization

To protect the privacy of our riders and drivers, the Lucky to Go app conceals phone numbers so users can call/text each other without being forced to share their personal information.

Lucky to Go is always looking to improve our services. When we find ways to improve your experience, we implement them immediately.

If you have any concerns, please feel free to let us know by calling us at +1-866-445-8259 or emailing support@luckytogocanada.com.

We’re a local ride-hailing services based in British Columbia, so you can count on us to hear you out immediately. We offer 24-hour customer services; we know emergencies don’t wait, and you shouldn’t have to either.

If you’re looking for safe and convenient car-sharing services in Vancouver, BC, schedule a ride with Lucky To Go. Next time you need a ride, THINK LOCAL, SUPPORT LOCAL! Call Lucky To Go!