What is a ride-hailing service?

Ride hailing has been around for some time now and it has finally conquered British Columbia after years of trying to make inroads into the province. So, what exactly is ride hailing? Before we get overwhelmed by it all, lets have a small introduction into the whole topic of ride hailing and what it brings to the table.

Ride hailing is where one gets the convenience of hailing a taxi from point A to point B where all they need is a smartphone app. Using the phone’s GPS, the app determines your pickup location and once the destination is manually input, the app then gives a fare estimate which then lets you decide whether to request for a ride.

The main highlight of ride hailing is that one can track the driver’s proximity through the app, once the ride is confirmed. Most of the apps also allow you to pay using your bank cards and to rate both the driver and the user.

Important points you need to know about Ride hailing

  • Most ride hailing apps charge a cancellation fee if you confirm a ride but then cancel it at the last minute or don’t show up.
  • One can pre-schedule rides well in advance if you know for sure you will be needing a ride.
  • Pool ride is another highlight provided by most ride hailing apps where one can share the vehicle with other passengers who are travelling towards the same direction.
  • Some apps provide web panel booking features where customers and drivers can access all the features of the app online on any web platform.
  • One can choose different types of vehicles ranging from sedans, SUVs and luxury vehicles
    Some apps permit a fare to be split by sending fare share notices when you are sharing a ride with friends.

Lucky to Go

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Lucky to Go is a ride-hailing company born here in British Columbia and based out of Victoria. Understanding the needs of the community from all aspects, we have created a one of a kind hybrid model that accommodates both the taxi dispatch system as well as ride hailing in one app, bringing in a unique fleet management to the market. The company helps drivers with commercial inspection and will also offer free training to prospective drivers, to help them get their required Class 4 licenses. We will also be charging some of the lowest commission charges in the market compared to other ride hailing apps.