Ride-Hailing Customer Etiquette: Courtesy Dos & Don’ts

Ride-Hailing Passenger Courtesy

Ride-hailing services are taking over our lives and creating a buzz all around us. Have you ever wondered why? Ride-hail drivers are trained and screened thoroughly to meet all prescribed requirements. The ease of use along with upfront pricing give such services a definite edge over traditional taxi services. Additionally, passengers ride in the driver’s personal vehicle and not in one that is rented or borrowed from a third party. Moreover, customers pay a highly competitive price for local travel while enjoying all these perks. It is for such advantages that we must observe common ride-hailing customer etiquette and here are some courtesy dos and don’ts for you to follow on your next ride with Lucky to Go!

Dos and Don’ts for Ride-Hail Passengers

***Please note that Lucky to Go pre-authorizes your credit card information as soon as you book a ride.

1. Cancel quickly if you don’t need a ride

As a customer, you are charged a cancellation fee of $3.00 if you cancel a ride AFTER the driver has accepted it. To avoid this charge, cancel the ride as soon as possible. Ride-hailing is an on-demand service and you are charged automatically.

2. Book the ride only once you’re ready.

While using the Lucky to Go app, book a ride only when you are absolutely ready. Avoid making the driver wait once they arrive at the pick-up location as your ride fare will start charging you 3 minutes after they driver arrival times. You may make a courtesy call to your driver if your pick-up location is hard to find or the address is unclear.

3. Don’t ‘schedule’ rides all the time.

Scheduled rides get priority over other rides. A Lucky to Go driver is assigned 15 minutes before the scheduled time. If they arrive early, customers will be required to pay a waiting charge. We suggest that you don’t schedule rides in areas that are (suburb) less populated and where drivers are not active. Moreover,

4. Tell the driver if you need an alternate route

Lucky to Go drivers use the in-app directions while driving. If you wish to ride on a different route to the destination, let your driver know. Keep in mind that a route different from what the app suggested may increase the total fare estimate.

5. Don’t forget to tip your driver

It is always great customer etiquette to tip a driver if you are satisfied with it. You may tip the driver on your way to your destination by choosing the ‘Tip’ option on the app or when you end the ride.

6. Avoid littering/eating inside vehicles

All ride-hailing drivers drive their personal vehicles. Avoid eating/drinking in the vehicle or just be extra careful.

7. Be mindful of your belongings

Do a quick visual scan of the vehicle for any personal belongings before getting dropped off. Please note that the driver is not responsible for anything left behind and is not paid for the time it takes to bring a missing item back to the customer.  

8. Book again in case of unavailability of drivers

The LTG app also lets you know that there are no active drivers in your region to fulfil your ride request. In this case, please try to book a ride again or try at a later time as your ride request will be cancelled in the case of the unavailability of drivers.

We must make note of these courtesy dos and don’ts as a display of proper ride-hailing customer etiquette is crucial to the viability of such services. To download the app and book a ride, visit https://luckytogocanada.com/