Ride-hailing company offers Victoria airport service, shuttle

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To book the shuttle service, go to luckytogocanada.com/shuttle.php. Current pickup locations include Mayfair Shopping Centre, Royal Oak Exchange, Uptown, Victoria Conference Centre and the airport.

Lucky to Go is the first ride-hailing operator to offer transportation to passengers coming and going from Victoria International Airport.

The company is also operating a shuttle-bus service from downtown to the airport and ferries.

Mandeep Rana, founder of LTG Technologies, said the ride-hailing service and Easy Ride Shuttle service will be ramped up with demand. The company is currently allowed to drop passengers off at the airport and is still working on an agreement with YYJ to pick passengers up, which could be finalized by the end of the week, Rana said.

Passengers will find designated ride-hailing pick-up stalls along the curb in the short-term parking lot at the airport. For drop-off, ride-hailing vehicles will use the same drop-off areas that taxis and other vehicles use.

Rana said Lucky to Go, with 15 registered drivers, is the only ride-hailing service operating in Greater Victoria, though the province’s Passenger Transportation Board has given approval to five others. Rana said the “huge investments” needed to begin operating have likely deterred any others.

The Passenger Transportation Board in December turned down Uber’s application to operate in Victoria and Kelowna.

In its decision, the board, an independent tribunal that considers applications for taxi, bus and limousine licences and what it calls “transportation network services” — also known as ride-hailing — said there was a lack of public need, and Uber’s presence in the market could harm smaller operators and taxis.

Meanwhile, Lucky to Go’s shuttle service, which was granted a licence in December by the Passenger Transportation Board, is starting with three van-buses that will operate two lines that run to the ferries and airport — one from downtown Victoria, the other from Langford.


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