Pre-Authorization of Customer Payment by Lucky To Go

Pre Authorization of Customer Payment

What is a pre-authorized payment?

After you take a trip with Lucky to Go, you may see transactions listed as ‘pending’ on your bank statement. These amounts are pre-authorized holds that LTG uses to verify/authenticate your payment method. LTG voids these transactions immediately after your trip and depending on your bank, they may take a few days to be released. 

Why pre-authorize a payment?

LTG pre-authorizes your payment method as a security measure to check if a customer’s chosen payment method is valid and/or if your card has sufficient funds for the trip. This is done at the time of booking and is based on an approximate fare estimate. This estimate depends on different factors like location, traffic and demand for rides in the area. 

When will you see the pre-authorized transactions?

You will see amounts listed as ‘pending’ in your card transaction history only if your payment method is valid. Your trip transaction may reflect as three separate transactions; a pre-authorized charge, the actual transaction for the trip based on the final fare and a final transaction releasing the pre-authorized charge. 

If your card does not hold enough funds for the trip or the information entered is incorrect, the app will prompt you the same. A pre-authorized transaction is a temporary hold charged only for the duration of the trip for protection against fraud. 

When will the pending charge be resolved?

LTG immediately voids these pre-authorized charges upon completion of the trip but they may still show as ‘pending’ until released from the bank. Kindly contact your bank for more information on how long these charges may take to be resolved. 

Why is the driver tip charged as a separate transaction?

In addition to the pre-authorized and actual fare charges, a separate tip transaction may reflect on your card transaction history. This charge reflects separately when the customer tips their driver 24 hours after the trip ends.

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What do I do if I forget an item in a vehicle?

Neither LTG nor the drivers are responsible for any customer’s lost/forgotten belongings in a vehicle after the trip ends. You may use the app’s ‘chat support’ option to let us know about the missing item. Make sure to include your ride information to help our support staff track down your driver. 

To protect the privacy of our drivers and customers, we do not share their respective personal contact information unless the driver confirms having the missing belonging in their possession. If your driver confirms that your item has been found, you may correspond with them to work out a time and place that works best for both. Please note that this is subject to the availability of your driver. 

Once the item is returned, LTG charges the customer a fee of $15 as a lost item return fee and the entire amount is forwarded to the driver. 

What do I do if my Lucky to Go app freezes or doesn’t work?

This is a common technical difficulty with mobile applications. You may try the following options to get it working again: 

  1. Simply, close the app, open it and try again. 
  2. Under the left-hand side menu, you have the option to ‘logout’ of your profile. Go ahead and logout on the app. After a few seconds, you may login again. 
  3. Restart your phone and try again. 
  4. Make sure your phone’s software is updated and further, all Lucky to Go apps are updated in the app store.