Ride-Sharing vs. Ride-Hailing: What’s the difference?

The last few years have countersigned how innovation has transformed commutation and made it a much simpler task than ever before. In the same course of time, the terminologies like ride-sharing, ride-hailing, carpooling, etc also burgeon in people’s lives and became undistinguished. As the cab services have gained popularity in the daily life of human […]


Top Safety Tips for Ride-hailing Drivers

Ride- hailing is becoming one of the most sought-after mode of transport. Recent studies have found that ride hailing is an integral part of cities as they contribute to bringing down traffic with more people sharing rides. With the flexibility and freedom to decide your working hours and one that allows you to spend quality […]


Ride hailing is here in B.C.! Safety tips you need to know while booking a ride

Ride hailing has become an important part of urban culture and is fast spreading all over the world. With its latest entry into British Columbia, people are ready to embrace it into their daily lives. With every new service, there are its own regulations that comes with it and rider safety is an important aspect […]


6 Amazing Benefits of Carpooling That You Should Know About

What if you have a comfortable & luxurious ride with the added advantage of health benefits at an economical price? No wonder that when you choose to hit the road with carpooling! Carpooling or ride-sharing refers to the use of a car by one driver to serve one or more travellers. Nowadays, almost every cab […]


A Better Alternative to Ride-sharing App – Lucky to Go

Introducing Lucky to Go – A dedicated ride-sharing and pool riding app for daily commuters in British Columbia. Today, customers want a reliable and fast service when it comes to cab-hailing. Also, they want to be assured about safety when travelling in a cab with a stranger. Keeping all these things in mind, we have […]


Insurance and licensing requirements for ride-hailing

Insurance and licensing requirements for ride-hailing If you’d like to drive your vehicle for a ride-hailing service such as Lucky to Go, here’s what you need to know about insurance and driver licensing. What is a ride-hailing service? Also known as Transportation network services (TNS), ride-hailing companies connect drivers with paying passengers through the use […]


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