Online Food Ordering Apps – A Positive Revolution in the Food Industry

Online Food Ordering Apps - A Positive Revolution in Food Industry

Until recently, people had no option but to go out to get restaurant quality food. But now, things have changed. Thanks to online food delivery services, we can now order food using our phone and get it delivered to our home. All in a matter of minutes. This trend has also helped local restaurants reach and serve more customers than ever.

What is a food delivery app?

A food delivery app is a mobile software application that can be used for ordering food online from participating restaurants in your area. The app shows you a list of all the restaurants that are providing delivery in your area. Once you’ve chosen a restaurant, you can fill and place your order. After you’ve placed your order, the restaurant prepares your food. When it’s ready, a driver is assigned to deliver the food to your home.

Online food ordering is a big industry in Canada; annual revenue is more than US $1,800 million, as of January 2020. According to a recent survey, more than 30% of Canadians use food delivery apps.

So why are Online Food Ordering Apps so popular?

Here are some reasons why online food ordering has become so popular:

Easy & Convenient

Ordering food online is easy and convenient thanks to apps like LuckyToGo.

You can order food online via LuckyToGo app in five simple steps:

  1. Download and install the app
  2. Create your profile
  3. Select the restaurant you want to order from
  4. Select delicious food
  5. Pay for your order

These services let you order from even remote restaurants that are otherwise too distant to visit. LuckyToGo also allows you to place a food order on-the-go, even when you are riding (ride-hailing) with LuckyToGo.

See the food before ordering

To improve the user’s experience, many food ordering apps provide pictures of the menu items. Seeing their food while they order often leads customers to place larger orders. This effect boosts revenue for restaurants.

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Highly Reliable

When ordering food over the phone, there can be miscommunications and incorrect orders. Online food ordering eliminates these errors. When using a mobile app to order food online, you can carefully select the food and place the order when you’re completely satisfied.

In online food ordering, what you see is what you get.

Unlimited Options

One of the best benefits to ordering food online in Canada is the variety. With hundreds of restaurants to choose from, the options feel limitless. The LuckyToGo app shows you the online menu of all the listed restaurants, so you can order from any restaurant.

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Attractive Discounts

When you order food online with LuckyToGo, you get exclusive coupons and offers to save more on your food order.

Online food ordering is a safe, easy and convenient way to eat your favourite meals from the best restaurants in Greater Victoria. Right from Home.