Ride-hailing Services Make it Mandatory for Drivers to Wear Masks

Ride-hailing services make it mandatory for drivers to wear masks

Given the COVID-19 situation, many taxi companies and ride-hailing services in Canada have made it mandatory for their drivers and riders to wear a mask to prevent the infection from spreading.

As recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO), wearing a compatible mask can help prevent the spread of the virus and can protect you from the disease.

Following the authorities’ guidance, LuckyToGo has also made it compulsory for all its drivers to wear a mask while providing ridehailing services. Without a mask, no driver will be allowed to drive a ride. Lucky to go also recommending passengers to wear a mask for self-protection.

Ever since one of the biggest pandemics of our time hit the world a couple of months ago, most of the ridehailing services, including LuckyToGo, had ceased their operations. But now, Victoria and other cities around Canada are starting to reopen and so are the ridehailing services. But, it’s time to proceed with the utmost care and follow the security measures recommended by authorities to ensure the safety of everyone.

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At LuckyToGo, we are committed to keeping both our drivers and riders safe in any way possible, which is why we have in place very strict measures for drivers, including mandatory wearing a mask while driving, washing hands frequently using a sanitizer or soap, maintaining social distancing (not taking more than two passengers at a time), etc.

If a driver or rider refuses to wear a mask or does not have his/her face covered, the other may report the issue via the app.

As of now, LuckyToGo is also delivering food and groceries to customers on behalf of restaurants and grocery stores in the local area, which is even more essential during such times of crisis. The same rules apply to the drivers and riders who are delivering food/groceries to the customers. They are required to wear masks, wash their hands frequently and follow the social distancing norms at all places.

At the same time, both passengers and riders will be able to cancel a ride for free in case proper safety measures are not being followed by either party. In line with the social distancing guidelines of the health authorities, passengers are not being allowed to ride in the front seats. The use of car air conditioning is limited while passengers are being advised to open their windows.

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On its part, LuckyToGo is providing all its drivers and delivery partners with masks, sanitizers, gloves, etc. and allowing them to sanitize their vehicles, mobile phones, etc. at the company branches on regular intervals. Also, drivers are being asked to strictly follow the safety measures while delivering services or food/groceries.

Drivers who violate the health directives mentioned here may be penalized and/or barred temporarily from the service. Similarly, passengers may be banned from the service if rules are not followed by them.

LuckyToGo, along with most other ride-hailing companies, in the region will be operating with the above safety measures in place for at least the next couple of months, based on the health situation in the market.