Insurance and licensing requirements for ride-hailing

Insurance and licensing requirements for ride-hailing

If you’d like to drive your vehicle for a ride-hailing service such as Lucky to Go, here’s what you need to know about insurance and driver licensing.

What is a ride-hailing service?

Also known as Transportation network services (TNS), ride-hailing companies connect drivers with paying passengers through the use of an online platform or app.

As of September 3, 2019, ride-hailing companies can apply to the Passenger Transportation Board (PTB) for a licence to operate in B.C. (a TNS licence). ICBC insurance products for ride-hailing are available as of September 16, 2019. Read the government announcement.

What are the requirements to drive for a ride-hailing company?

The ride-hailing company is responsible for ensuring drivers and vehicles meet PTB requirements, as set out in government regulations. These include:

  • a Class 4 (restricted) commercial driver’s licence issued in B.C.
  • a criminal record check
  • a vehicle that meets all requirements and has passed a vehicle inspection
  • a commercial driving record, commonly known as an (N) print or National Safety Code abstract, which you can request online or by phone at 1-800-663-3051 or 604-661-2800

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