How to Reduce the Restaurant Costs?

How to Reduce Restaurant Costs

Why drive when the restaurants can deliver food at your doorstep? Almost every person feels the same after having an exhausting day. Amid the congested roads and busy hours, restaurants send a number of drivers on roads to serve the customers and maintain their trust by delivering on time. Although delivery is just a tiny portion of revenue, it plays a major role in a restaurant’s success and failure. A penny saved is a penny earned. So, how can restaurants save money while earning more? How to reduce restaurant costs?

These four quintessential approaches can help the restaurants reduce the delivery cost:

1. Reduce the Food Waste

Keep an eye on the waste. “A 2014 study by the Food Waste Reduction Alliance found that 84.3% of unused food in American restaurants ends up being disposed of, while 14.3% is recycled, and only 1.4% is donated,” Business Insider wrote.

Reduce food waste

Every chef/cook should have a list, which tells them the amount of ingredients per quantity. Additionally, wastage happens when a restaurant throws away the expired products. First In, First Out (FIFO) method is highly recommended. FIFO suggests using the products in order of their purchase or expiration date.

2. Fix a Budget

Fix a budget

Working without a budget is like walking blindly. How can you save money when you do not have a vision? The restaurants cannot save money without setting a budget. Decide a budget for all the expenses (Advertising, food, supplies, office stuff, and liquor) and spend wisely.

3. Educate the Staff

Educate the staff

The staff is a ladder towards success because employees represent an organization. Hold an orientation and inform the staff about food wastage, which can further lead to increased delivery costs. The staff training is mandatory in terms of cost cutting. Let the employees observe and assist the experienced employees during the initial days. Moreover, training should never stop. An employee/supervisor should often hold the sessions to educate the employees.

4. Increase the Restaurant Rating

It is a no-brainer that restaurant rating is a pivotal way of getting more customers. A customer tends to choose a restaurant by looking at the ratings. Ask all your customers to give you a five star rating whenever you deliver them food. Promotional offers, including coupons and discounts, can help a restaurant in getting ratings.

Increase restaurant rating

The hustle and bustle of managing a restaurant, delivering the best food, surviving in a competitive environment and maintaining the trust of the customers at the same time can be overwhelming. The above mentioned ways can drag the restaurants out of their skeptical thoughts, helping them tomove forward with increased profits.

Feeling hungry, reached home tired from work, wish to have food at your doorstep without making an effort. Well, your wish just came true! Technology has blessed people to order and receive services at the comfort of their home. The technology has benefited the third-party providers immensely. How?

When a restaurant ties-up with a food delivery service provider, the restaurant pays upto 25 percent of the total cost as platform fee. For example- If a restaurant gets an order worth $20, platform fee comes to $3.66. Similarly, if the order is worth $60, the platform fee becomes $12.95. This leads to an icky food ordering experience for restaurants.

Ordering with Lucky to Go (LTG) Platform

Ordering with Lucky to Go platform

To make the food delivering system an awesome experience, Lucky To Go came up with a solution. Care to know what?

Fixed Price

Unlike other platforms, LTG offers a fixed platform fee, which helps to reduce restaurant costs. For more information contact us on

Live Tracking

The customer can track the driver through the LTG app. They do not need to worry about the delivery time as they will be able to track the location.

Cancelling the Order

The customer can cancel the order before it is accepted by the restaurant. If the restaurant accepts the order, LTG can not guarantee the refund.