How Ride-Hailing Services Help Your Mental Health

person driving in Vancouver

Ride hailing services could be just the therapy you need. Reading this in disbelief? Read on to find out why it’s true.

Delegating Stress

While driving to places yourself shouldn’t be an issue, it’s a task that’s immensely stressful. Think about it: the entirety of your body is engaged when you’re behind the wheel. Your hands are tied, your feet are fixed, your eyes are glued to the road, the many mirrors, the gauges, and the meters. Your ears are alert to the sounds of horns.

And if that weren’t enough, your mind is engaged too. Driving a car isn’t like doing the dishes. It isn’t a mindless physical task. When you’re driving, your head is in a thousand places all at once: you’re trying to assess the speed of the car in front of you, wondering if the guy behind you is tailing you or following you, not sure if you should start merging or wait, and so forth. It’s a thousand calculations going on in your head all at once—and your body is like a spring that’s stretched too tight.

It’s easy, therefore, to get extremely stressed out while driving. Driving stress can even lead to sickness, worry, anxiety, and fear.

It’s Easier to Relax

a person stressed out due to driving

So, what can you do to avoid suffering the drastic consequences of driving stress? You can delegate the task, of course—to more competent, well-trained drivers. These are people who are trained and work hard toward building the mental acumen needed to cope with driving stress. They are better equipped, mentally as well as physically, for driving on a constant basis.

When you delegate driving duties to a professional driver—or to anyone else, really—you’re delegating your stress to them. Only, since they are built of tougher grit and are trained for this sort of thing, it doesn’t much affect them.

Fewer Chances of Accidents

You might not find the prospect of driving attractive, especially if you’re burnt out or overworked. But it gets worse; being exhausted can lead to car crashes. Think about it: you’ve just pulled an all-nighter, you’re sleepy and fatigued, and your mind isn’t in the right place. Even if you’re a cautious driver, there’s a risk of a car crash in this situation.

Additionally, if you do end up in a car crash, it will do more than leave you with a few broken bones and a lawsuit. If you do end up injuring someone, you’ll have to live with that guilt for the rest of your life. That’s a serious blow to anyone’s mental health.

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