How Do Food Delivery Apps Work? Everything Explained!

How Do Food Delivery Apps Work

We live in interesting times. We may attribute it to a change in consumer habits or demographics but gone are the days when people were willing to stand in queues for ungodly amounts of time at a restaurant. Then, there is also the blissful convenience of eating at home. It is then safe to say that food delivery apps are a blessing and a look into their functioning is always helpful.

Food delivery apps have spurted in magnitude and popularity since COVID-19 hit our home turfs. With social distancing becoming a solid norm, such apps are the need of the hour. They play both the fields; it works for consumers as it can’t get better than food being delivered to your doorstep. To restaurants, it means an expansive reach and more business through such delivery platforms. The pandemic has really turned employees of such organizations into warriors of the modern world.

So, if you’re wondering how food delivery apps work or want to know about the best food delivery app out there, this article is for you.

What’s a food delivery app?

A food delivery app is a mobile app that allows customers to place a food order from any of the restaurants in an area using their smartphone or tablet device.

The following apps are usually part of an online food delivery system:

  • Online food ordering app for customers
  • Delivery person app
  • Food order accepting & management app for Restaurants
  • Food delivery company’s app for back-end processing, support, etc.

The LuckyToGo food delivery app is a comprehensive online food delivery system that allows you to order food online from your favorite restaurants and get it delivered to your doorstep in a quick and efficient manner. Here’s how the app works.

How do food delivery apps like LuckyToGo work?

From placing an order via the customer app to order confirmation by the restaurant and pick-up & delivery by the driver, here’s how the LuckyToGo food delivery app works:

Step 1. Placing an order

The customer downloads and installs the LuckyToGo app on his smartphone. Then, he opens the app, selects the restaurant he wants to order from, browses through the menu to select the food items and quantity, and adds them to the cart.

After selecting the order, the customer makes the payment, upon which the order is placed. He can then start tracking the order status.

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Step 2: Order management by restaurant

As soon as an order is placed via the LuckyToGo app, a notification for the same is sent to the particular restaurant on its dedicated app. The restaurant has the option to accept or reject the order. Upon acceptance, the order is processed by the cooking staff and a bill for the same is printed automatically. Once the restaurant staff confirms an order, a notification to the nearest delivery person is sent automatically, who then arrives at the restaurant to pick the food.

Step 3: Delivery by the driver

A LuckyToGo driver or delivery person who receives the notification from the restaurant app can see the restaurant location in the driver app and use the map to reach the restaurant. He then waits for the food to be prepared. Once the order is prepared, the driver picks the order and travels to the customer’s location, using the navigation in the app, to deliver the food.

Customers can track the live order status, check the delivery person’s location and estimated time of arrival in his app.

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Step 4: Delivery and Feedback

Food is delivered to the customer, and the order status changes to ‘delivered’. The customer can review/rate the order and delivery person in the app.

So, I hope you now understand how food delivery apps work and are ready to start using the LuckyToGo app to accept & deliver food orders online for your restaurant in British Columbia.