How to Increase Your Tips as a LuckyToGo Driver

How can LuckyToGo Drivers Increase their Tips

Ride-hailing apps such as Lucky to Go have various quality features and one of them is “in-app tipping”. This allows riders to reward their drivers for great service. Want to know how to increase your tips as a LuckyToGo driver? There are multiple reasons Lucky to Go added tips features in the app. We will discuss some in this post.

Meanwhile, we would like to mention here that tipping is not mandatory. It is totally optional for the rider. If you provide great service, treat the rider with respect, or had a great conversation then the rider might add a tip.

Adding the tipping feature in the ride-hailing app made it easy for the rider if they really want to add a tip. In fact, this cashless system can save lots of time for both riders and drivers.

Basic Rules to Increase Tips

When answering the question “How Can LuckyToGo Drivers Increase their Tips?”, there are some basic rules to follow:

  • Clothing: Wear something clean, simple and appropriate
  • Appearance: Give a nice outstanding look
  • Greeting & Conversation: If riders seem interested then find a mutual point of conversation
  • Clean Car: Keep your car clean and provide a comfortable atmosphere for the rider
  • Extra Hand: You can help your rider with loading and unloading of luggage and other items
  • Amenities: You can carry water, some basic supplies, gadgets, etc. and you can offer them when needed

Remember: never directly ask a rider for a tip. Provide them with a positive experience, be confident and kind, focus on the road, and you will be rewarded.

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Why and When do Riders give a Tip to their Drivers?

Research reports around 76% of Riders usually add a tip and thank you for the driver. But this heavily depends on service quality. The same report suggests that there are some noticeable reasons that riders add tips, which will help LuckyToGo drivers increase their tips.

Here are some stats that show what riders notice in the ride and what they consider when deciding whether or not to tip:

  • 76% of riders tip because of a clean car
  • 66% of riders tip because of great conversation
  • 66% of riders tip because the driver helped them with luggage
  • 52% of riders tip because of an on-board phone charger
  • 44% of riders tip because of great music

Now let’s take a look at all the above stats in detail….

76% of riders tip because of a clean car

76% of total riders tip the driver because the car was clean, comfortable and fresh. Additionally, a clean car is also important for your Lucky to Go driver ratings. Thus cleanliness plays an important part in tipping. So keep your car clean, organized, and fresh in order to get tips. Another survey states that cleanliness is the main reason for more than 70% of riders to add a tip. So remember to clean your car regularly and check it before every ride to make sure the last rider didn’t leave behind any mess.

66% of riders tip because of great conversation

Some people get bored looking outside and prefer to talk with the driver. When you both have a great conversation then it is a win-win. Maybe that’s why 66% of riders said that they tipped their driver because of having a great conversation. Giving a friendly greeting and good conversation are important parts of your driving habits and definitely help LuckyToGo drivers increase their tips.

It is also true that some riders prefer to travel quietly. Some others travel with friends, so there may not be much opportunity for conversation. But if there is a chance for conversion with riders then don’t miss the chance. In fact, when you engage in conversation with your passengers positively, then it will also impact the rider very positively.

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66% of riders tip because the driver helped them with luggage

Some people travel with light bags but others travel with super heavy luggage. It is a nice gesture to help your passengers with loading and unloading their luggage. A total of 66% of travellers added a tip when the driver helped them with their bags or luggage. If you see your rider is carrying or struggling with heavy items you may offer them help. In most cases, you can just go ahead and start helping them by making space in the trunk. Always ensure that your trunk or cargo area has room for items before picking up a rider.

52% of riders tip because of an on-board phone charger

The smartphone is now an essential part of human life so its appearance on this list is no surprise. Almost 52% of riders added a tip for the driver because they had access to a cell phone charger in the car. So make sure to keep some small gadgets and other important things in the car and always keep a cell phone charger for the rider. To charge the phone you just need an extra charging cable. So make sure to keep one extra Charging cable in the car.

44% of riders tip because of great music

Research suggests that drivers listening to music drive better than those who drive in silence because it keeps their mind active. But do you know that great music during a ride can also help you to earn extra?

Music is an important factor for ride-hailing riders; everyone loves great music. Make sure to get a collection of the latest music as well as some classical and mood refreshing music. You can save a channel list of the top music radio stations to make things easier for you. To make your rider happy and comfortable play something according to rider age, mood, etc. Additionally, if you have an AUX cable, then you can also let them play their own music tracks.

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That’s it for now in this article, these were some basic reasons why and when riders tip to help you learn how to get more rideshare tips. I would like to conclude this post with a keynote that each rider is different, and they have their own reasons to tip drivers. Just make sure to keep the car and ride clean, simple but comfortable and try to provide the best service.