Have You Ordered From These Vancouver Restaurants Yet?

fast food that can be ordered in Vancouver via food delivery apps

Vancouver is a true foodie’s heaven—but only if you know what to order, and from where. Luckily, we’ve got some ideas.

Marutama Ramen

Yes, you can make ramen at home—but Marutama Ramen elevates this homely dish like few other places can. The bowl of ramen you get here is made entirely from scratch and is delicious to boot. The best part about ordering from Marutama Ramen is that you get to customize your bowl of ramen: you can make it as spicy as you like, choose between cream and broth, so on and so forth.

While indulging in a bowl of ramen is no luxury, something about having it delivered to your doorstep and gorging on it without having to march to your kitchen is seriously relaxing.

Korean Fried Chicken from Kosoo

fried chicken that can be ordered in Vancouver via food delivery apps

Forget Kentucky Fried Chicken—we all love it, but we bet you’re going to forget the well-known taste of the American Midwest once you’ve dug into a piece of juicy, crispy Korean Fried Chicken. Kosoo does Korean Fried Chicken exceptionally well. You can even get it with rice cakes!

And the best part, of course, is that you still get to call it KFC. Korean Fried Chicken, get it?

Rise Eatery

For a more grab bag menu, head on to Rise Eatery to choose from an unbelievable list of meals. Lunches, brunches—seriously, this place covers everything! Pasta, desserts, seafood—it’s all there. You can get a perfect meal delivered and devour it without so much as moving a fork; it’s perfect for those super-busy days when you have neither the time nor the energy to prepare a decent meal. We’ve all been there—and it’s okay to indulge.

AJ’s Brooklyn Pizza

A taste of our Southern neighbors was sure to make it on this list—and here it is, in the form of AJ’s Brooklyn Pizza. Nothing spells America quite like pizza—and it’s the perfect comfort meal, too. Easy to order, easy to eat; seriously, ordering pizza is one of the easiest things to do—it works best for times when you just can’t decide what to order. And those times strike more often than we’d like!

Ready to Order?

Use Lucky To Go to place your orders from either the restaurants above or order from your favourite Vancouver regulars! And no, Lucky To Go isn’t just a ride hailing service—we’re a food delivery service, too!