6 Amazing Benefits of Carpooling That You Should Know About

What if you have a comfortable & luxurious ride with the added advantage of health benefits at an economical price? No wonder that when you choose to hit the road with carpooling!
Carpooling or ride-sharing refers to the use of a car by one driver to serve one or more travellers. Nowadays, almost every cab service provider offers carpooling services because it is one of the best ways to reduce the adverse effects of private motorised mobility on the environment.

Top Benefits of Carpooling

Here are some unexpected benefits of carpooling that may ease your life.

Easy on your wallets

Carpooling offers an opportunity to commute along with other passengers and save on expenses related to fuel, toll & parking. Depending on the number of occupants in your pool ride and the distance that you commute, you could save up to 1000s of dollars per year. Lucky To Go features an in-built wallet, that will help you access the money you would require for a future transaction.

Safeguarding the environment

Who doesn’t want to breathe in oxygen-rich air or preserve a green cover for their future generations? Apart from riding at economical fares, carpooling contributes to lowering the emission of greenhouse gases (GHG) and enhancing the overall quality of air.
According to the reports, you would scale down the GHG emission by approx 893 kgs if you would share a ride for a year. Imagine that with just a simple step of carpooling!

Overall improvement in your health

Carpooling is not just beneficial to your own health but to the health of others as research says that pooling rides and reducing the number of cars on the road can lead to a drastic reduction in air pollution. Carpooling brings the advantage of protecting oneself from numerous diseases such as allergies, respiratory problems, cardiovascular disease and neurological effects which occurs due to high pollution.

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Curtails traffic congestion

If you opt to be a pool rider, you are taking another car off the trail, which brings down the congestion on roads & highways. More participants in carpooling results in less congestion on the road which further leads to less fuel consumption, commute time and future costs in road reconstruction and air quality management.

The ride becomes smart and lively

The same stodgy traffic jam when you are travelling alone becomes interesting when you are thumbing a ride with your friends or friendly people who have travelling to the same location. You can have an interesting pastime with a dash of musical flavor if you take carpooling. Besides, you are a time investors, you can check or prepare your messages & emails or read the newspaper sitting comfortably and make your carpooling commutation a smart ride. In the meantime, you can also serve your belly with tasty eateries or customised meals if you book a ride with Lucky To Go. Have a social & smart ride with carpooling!

No worries for Fuel Hike

Constant hike in fuel prices is nerve-wracking, but you do not need a big barrel to stock up the fuel when you love carpooling that divides your travel expenditure among other fellow commuters. You don’t need someone to lend a part of pocket to you to meet your fuel expenses. Travel, live it up & enjoy all the benefits of carpooling!