Affordable Marketing Tactics for Your Restaurant during pandemic

your restaurant enhance

your restaurant enhance

Adopting Delivery Services For Your Restaurant

It is no longer enough to just have great food and superb service. In order for a restaurant to bring in new business and stay in the game, it must have an alluring and illuminating presence in the digital world. 

To make sure that cash continues to flow into your business during these times, we’ve put together a list of affordable marketing ideas to help attract more customers, and ultimately fill your tables, booths, and even online delivery orders as the world open back up for service! Below, we will cover some points that will help your restaurant to enhance its reach and help you flourish in today’s market.

  1. Amplify Your Digital Presence through the website and Google Business Manager

  2. Focus on Local digital ads

  3. Nurture Positive Reviews

  4. Create a delectable menu

  5. Set Up Promos For First-Timers and repeat customers

  6. Partner up

  7. Set up the delivery process

Amplify Your Digital Presence through the website and Google Business Manager

A digital presence is essential for all businesses, but it is even more so for a restaurant. Restaurants want to make sure their website is user-friendly. Customers should be able to navigate your website easily. You should also ensure your website is mobile-friendly, as most customers are on their mobile devices. Google My Business is a good tool to use for local searches. When customers look for restaurants near them, or specific types of food, Google My Business will help direct them to you. Making sure information, such as hours, locations, phone number, etc, is accurate is essential. Customers can often be dissuaded from your business if the information is not correct. 

A great call to action

You can even embed these ordering systems on your website, which can make your ads and web presence that much more effective. There’s no hiccup or middle step to get food, instead, any ads or content on your site can push potential customers to order right then and there. As you get more comfortable operating a website, you can even set up triggers to know exactly when your ads lead to an online sale, making your return on investment clear and easy to track.

Focus on local digital ads

When investing in digital advertising, local is often better for restaurants. You want to attract customers that are ready to eat and, especially for new customers, you’re one of the closest options available. The best way to do this? Using geo-target ads.Geo-targeting allows you to set specific cities or a radius around your restaurant, where ads will be shown. It helps you save money by removing anyone from your ad targeting that would be more unlikely to visit your restaurant due to location alone. Any online advertising platform you use, from Facebook and Instagram to Google search, will have this option available.  You can either operate these ads manually or set them to automatically adjust and bid within a specific price range. It’ll likely take some practice to master, but if you have a small advertising budget, digital ads are an inexpensive but effective marketing tactic to leverage. 

Nurture Positive Reviews

When your website and Google page are set up, you’ll want to communicate with customers through online reviews, such as Google or Yelp. A good way to start collecting reviews is to ask existing, happy customers to leave a review for you. Even motivating customers with a “on the house” item or coupon will help build your online reputation. It is also very important to interact with the customers leaving a review, respond to them online, especially the negative reviews, with an up-beat message. 

Create A Delectable Menu

Good service and an enjoyable ambience certainly enhance a customer experience at your restaurant, but at the end of the day the food will always be your biggest extraction. Your menu is your most important marketing tool to attract new customers. Actually, 86% of all diners look up a restaurant’s menu before choosing where to eat. Look at your most popular menu items. Think about what makes them so popular. Use these items to attract new business and stay out among your competitors. 

Your delivery blueprint should take an efficient menu highlighting items that will carry. As well as thinking of ways to prevent sogginess and warm, such as packaging strategies.

Set Up Promos For First-Timers and repeat customers.

Customers are more likely to try out a new restaurant with a little incentive. A good way to do this is to have a promo for first time customers. For example, a restaurant could offer a 10% discount or a free side dish for the first order. Discount on certain amount to attract more pickup and delivery orders. Restaurants each have different goals and deals. It is best to test out different promotions to determine which works best. 

Partner up

Partnering is a great way to reach an established audience. They already trust the brand, influencer, or product that you’re connected with, making it that much easier to connect. The tricky part about any partnership is that it needs to feel natural and provide value for that new customer base. 

You can’t just arbitrarily partner up and expect customers to immediately accept it. There needs to be a connection that bridges the mental gap as to why their favourite company would work with you. Be clear and transparent with the announcement to be sure that your customers, and their customers, understand why a partnership is occurring.

Once you overcome that hurdle, partnering up with an influencer or business can quickly become a recipe for success. 

Setup Delivery Process 

According to the New Yorker, food delivery orders made up 7% of restaurant sales in the U.S. in 2016. Over the next few years, we saw the number of diners ordering delivery and takeout steadily increase. And, with people forced to stay home due to COVID-19, those numbers jumped again. Axios reported that Americans ordering takeout went from 19% in February to 22% in March and April. As a result, delivery app drivers have been busier than ever, trying to keep up with increased orders

One of the most efficient ways for a restaurant to broaden their customer base is to have an online delivery platform. Recent reports predict that in 2021, nearly 50 million people will use a food delivery app. Food delivery platforms all have a massively growing presence. Being on a delivery app can severely open your demographics, as your restaurant would be exposed to groups from millenials to baby boomers. You will want to take advantage of Lucky To Go’s growing reach.

Use Lucky to GO’s online food delivery app to order your favourite Vancouver food today. You can download the app on the App Store or Google Play! Get in touch with Lucky to GO for more details.

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