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A Better Alternative to Ride-sharing App – Lucky to Go

Introducing Lucky to Go – A dedicated ride-sharing and pool riding app for daily commuters in British Columbia. Today, customers want a reliable and fast service when it comes to cab hiring. Also, they want to be assured about safety when travelling in a cab with a stranger. Keeping all these things in mind, we […]


Insurance and licensing requirements for ride-hailing

​Insurance and licensing requirements for ride-hailing If you’d like to drive your vehicle for a ride-hailing service such as Lucky to Go, here’s what you need to know about insurance and driver licensing. What is a ride-hailing service? Also known as transportation network services (TNS), ride-hailing companies connect drivers with paying passengers through the use […]


How do you become a lucky driver?

How to drive with Lucky to GO Make money driving folks around your city. Sign up now to get more information about driving in your city. To apply as a driver, applicants that meet the Passenger Transportation Board’s (PTB) requirements can complete an application through the Lucky Driver app. They also should meet the following […]



What is a ride-hailing service? Ride hailing has been around for some time now and it has finally conquered British Columbia after years of trying to make inroads into the province. So, what exactly is ride hailing? Before we get overwhelmed by it all, lets have a small introduction into the whole topic of ride […]


Looking for drivers

VICTORIA’S FIRST ALL-IN-ONE TAXI HAILING APP IS LOOKING FOR DRIVERS What are the requirements to drive for a ride-hailing company? The ride-hailing company is responsible for ensuring drivers and vehicles meet PTB requirements, as set out in government regulations. These include: a Class 4 (restricted) commercial driver’s licence issued in B.C. a criminal record check a […]


Cheknews Launch

VICTORIA RIDE-HAILING APP LAUNCHES AHEAD OF UBER AND LYFT A local ride-hailing company says it has beaten Uber and Lyft to the capital city market by targetting taxi drivers.The app and company, called Lucky to Go, uses licenced taxi drivers who are already driving for other companies.“What makes us so different from anybody else, is […]


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  VICTORIA JUST GOT ITS FIRST ALL-IN-ONE TAXI HAILING APP It’s not Uber, but it’s close! https://www.facebook.com/Lucky-To-Go-105184740824962 https://www.instagram.com/luckytogocanada https://twitter.com/GoLuckyto


CBC Media Launch

It’s less than a month before ride hailing comes to B.C. Lyft is the first company with a promise to bring the service to the province. They’ve announced plans to launch it in Vancouver. But Victoria and other cities outside the Lower Mainland aren’t expected to see Lyft or Uber service for a while at […]


Victoria just got its first all-in-one taxi hailing app

It’s not Uber or Lyft, but it’s Victoria’s first local taxi hailing app! As of Thursday, August 15th, people living in Greater Victoria can download the ‘Lucky to Go’ app to hail taxis and track their location from virtually anywhere in town. See also: BC announces regulations and insurance policy for ride-sharing services Available on both […]


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