Pre-Authorization of Customer Payment by Lucky To Go

What is a pre-authorized payment? After you take a trip with Lucky to Go, you may see transactions listed as ‘pending’ on your bank statement. These amounts are pre-authorized holds that LTG uses to verify/authenticate your payment method. LTG voids these transactions immediately after your trip and depending on your bank, they may take a […]


Keep your Profits in your Business with Lucky to Go

Lucky To Go – British Columbia’s premium ride-hailing service – now also delivers food to customers on behalf of local restaurants and food businesses in BC. Lucky To Go is British Columbia’s local food delivery service that can be used by restaurants to reach and serve more customers in a quick and low-cost manner. We […]


Ride-Hailing Passenger Courtesy: The Dos & Don’ts

With ride-hailing services taking over our lives and creating a buzz everywhere, we must keep in mind that there are advantages to using such services over a traditional taxi service. Lucky to Go drivers are trained and screened thoroughly and you ride in their personal vehicles- not rented or borrowed from a third party. These […]


5 Reasons Why You Should Prefer Lucky To Go for Ride-hailing

The ride-hailing industry is growing at an unprecedented rate due to the increasing demand for convenient and affordable ride-hailing services around the globe. Even Canada’s westernmost province, British Columbia, isn’t untouched by the trend. With Lucky To Go’s ride-hailing service in Kelowna, the city residents now have an easy and safe way to get home […]


Lucky To Go Arrives Kelowna: Here’s Everything You Can Do With It

Lucky To Go, British Columbia’s first-ever local ride-hailing service is now officially launched in Kelowna (Okanagan), with the city Mayor Colin Basran taking the first ride on Wednesday, July 1st. The thing to note here is that Lucky To Go will be the first company to run its ride-hailing operations in the city, which comes […]


LuckyToGo Services to Go Live in Kelowna Starting July 1

We have some good news for all the residents of Kelowna and tourists planning to visit the city this year. With LuckyToGo starting its ride-sharing services in the city coming July, you’ll now have a safe and convenient means for riding anywhere in the area. With Canada Day just around the corner, your festive activities […]


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