Ride-hailing Services Make it Mandatory for Drivers to Wear Masks

Given the COVID-19 situation, many taxi companies and ride-hailing services in Canada have made it mandatory for their drivers and riders to wear a mask to prevent the infection from spreading. As recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO), wearing a compatible mask can help prevent the spread of the virus and can protect you […]


Rideshare vs. Taxi: A Comparison Guide to Choose Better

How is a rideshare service different from a taxi service? We get this question a lot. But, before we look at Rideshare vs. Taxi, it is important to note a few things. Firstly, both services are part of a common business model, which is to take a passenger from Point A to Point B. Additionally, […]


What is Rideshare? How Ride-sharing Works [Detailed Analysis]

Ride-sharing or ride-hailing has lately emerged as a more convenient and affordable alternative to taxi riding, as most of the rideshare companies allow their customers to book a ride via a dedicated mobile app. If you are new to the rideshare industry, here’s all you need to know about what is rideshare and how ride-sharing […]


Requirements to Drive for Lucky To Go: Get Started As A Driver Today!

As of September 2019, the Passenger Transportation Board gave Transportation Network Service (TNS) companies like Lucky To Go the green light to operate throughout the province. Rideshare officially exists for British Columbians. Our plan is to launch operations in full swing in Region 2 which includes the Capital Regional District (CRD) starting summer 2020.  You’re […]


How Do Food Delivery Apps Work? Everything Explained!

We live in interesting times. We may attribute it to a change in consumer habits or demographics but gone are the days when people were willing to stand in queues for ungodly amounts of time at a restaurant. Then, there is also the blissful convenience of eating at home. It is then safe to say […]


How to Increase Your Tips as a LuckyToGo Driver

Ride-hailing apps such as Lucky to Go have various quality features and one of them is “in-app tipping”. This allows riders to reward their drivers for great service. Want to know how to increase your tips as a LuckyToGo driver? There are multiple reasons Lucky to Go added tips features in the app. We will […]


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