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About us

Victoria’s First Ride-Sharing & Pool Riding App

Today when services for delivery and peer to peer transactions such as ride sharing are at an upswing, customers get a convenient and fast service, but they also tend to get weary about safety, reliability and security. That’s where we come in. Born in Victoria, LTG Technologies is a Ridesharing company that gives everything your local taxi company offers and more. With enhanced transparency, trust and affordability, we bring you user-friendly mobile apps that is not just fast and convenient but also reliable.


Mission of Lucky to Go

Our mission is to walk off the beaten path by revolutionizing conventional taxi hailing and ride sharing services and making them more user-friendly and reliable for everyone in British Columbia


Vision of Lucky to Go

We at LTG Technologies aim to automate ride sharing and delivery services and provide a delivery system that is convenient and secure. We envision bringing a contemporary ride sharing platform in a decentralized environment where customers and drivers can seamlessly transact and receive money after every successful trip or delivery.

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