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Select your vehicle type

Choose an available vehicle type from LUCKY 4, LUCKY 6 and Wheelchair Accessible (Coming Soon).

Track your ride

View your ride's live location and get notified once your driver arrives.

Convenience at your doorstep

Get food, groceries, household essentials and over-the-counter medications delivered right to your home.

Get the nearest ride

With Lucky To Go, we bring the nearest ride at your doorstep.

Instant pay

With our instant pay feature, you get peace of mind with in-app, hassle-free payment that keeps track of all your transactions. No fumbling with machines or paper receipts.

Rate your ride

Rate and review your experience at the end of your ride.

Digital receipts

Store all your trip receipts in one convenient location automatically.

User friendly

Book a trip in under a minute. Just login, enter your pick-up location & destination and we're on our way.


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